5 Tips to COVID Recovery

Well, its been over 1 year since the pandemic hit and Coronavirus got me! My husband contracted it first from one of his patients at work and since we do everything as a team, he decided to pass it on to me. We had plans to go to Islamorada this past weekend and in the […]

Why are you Stretching?

Seems like with the Yoga boom on social media, stretching has become more recognized and more people are stretching these days. Good problem, but now we have a new problem, do we even know ‘why’ we are stretching? Because it feels good? Its common to hear, ‘my hamstrings are so tight so I stretch them, then […]

Shape Up for Spring

Its LOVE month, Spring season is almost here, and Im feeling the love vibes to help you Shape Up for Spring! If you are seeking an affordable and convenient way to get fit for the Spring season, join my 4-week Spring Break Online Fitness Challenge! Sign up  by February 14th for 50% off! Thats $50 in SAVINGS on […]

Top 4 Reasons Why You Need to Foam Roll

Foam rolling is one of my favorite treatment techniques that I use during my own personal fitness routines and with my patients. For those of you who have not seen a foam roller, it is a cylindrical piece of foam that varies in colors, lengths and densities. The use of foam rollers is based on […]

Your New Year Resolution will Fail: Tips to Actually Do it THIS TIME

  Self-improvement, or at least the desire for it, is a shared American trend. It’s why the ‘New Year’s Resolution’ exists! Lets face it, its tough to stay “on-track,” during this stressful time of year, but its still no excuse to just fall off the grid and wait until January. Now that fitness is booming more then […]

Watch your Weight this Holiday Season!

Whether you would like to admit it or not, the holiday season, especially in the United States, has been scientifically identified as a critical time period of weight gain for many Americans. Between holiday work parties, family gatherings, trick or treating, Thanksgiving Day festivities, leftovers and holiday baking get togethers, it is the reason millions […]

Best Butt Burner

My favorite muscle is by far the glutes! I make a consistent effort to incorporate glute training in ALL of my online and fitness classes, and most importantly – my physical therapy treatments! Did you know the glutes are the strongest muscle(s) in the body? Well, they are suppose to be at least! Sadly, with the […]