About Me

In sophomore year of college at FSU :)
Anything short and productive!
Any variation of total body circuit formats, Yoga, Core/Abs, anything strength or mobility, and my favorite - Hip Hop Dance!
I was always active with cheerleading/gymnastics/dance in my younger years. I was inspired to pursue a Doctorate in Physical Therapy by the motivation of my father who suffered from back injuries.

About Studio1

A fitness app designed you can download and have unlimited access RIGHT AWAY - anywhere, anytime!
Minimal equipment required. Maria encourages starting off without using any equipment to get comfortable with the workouts and form. Each class is different utilizing a set of weights, STUDIO1 custom resistance bands, and a kettlebell (which can be substituted with a single dumbbell)
Workouts range from Total Body Sculpt/Circuits,HIIT/Tabata, Yoga, and Maria’s very own a fusion of Yoga & HIIT - i.e. - Yoga HIIT! Total Body Pump & Body and Bands are the most popular!
Each class taught with safe program design to emphasize Exercise Right. Exercise for Life! The orientation album
Yes with a smart TV that allows streaming from your phone.
Only $12.99 per month or $129.99 for the year ($11 per month).

General Fitness

HIIT/Interval Style formats Weight Training 10-20 Minute Short Cardio Bursts
Squat Row Hinge
Everything in moderation Calories IN = Calories OUT! Count your calories, educate yourself & know what you're putting in. Never restrict or omit carbs, proteins, fats