Why are you Stretching?

Seems like with the Yoga boom on social media, stretching has become more recognized and more people are stretching these days. Good problem, but now we have a new problem, do we even know ‘why’ we are stretching? Because it feels good? Its common to hear, ‘my hamstrings are so tight so I stretch them, then […]

Your New Year Resolution will Fail: Tips to Actually Do it THIS TIME

  Self-improvement, or at least the desire for it, is a shared American trend. It’s why the ‘New Year’s Resolution’ exists! Lets face it, its tough to stay “on-track,” during this stressful time of year, but its still no excuse to just fall off the grid and wait until January. Now that fitness is booming more then […]

Best Butt Burner

My favorite muscle is by far the glutes! I make a consistent effort to incorporate glute training in ALL of my online and fitness classes, and most importantly – my physical therapy treatments! Did you know the glutes are the strongest muscle(s) in the body? Well, they are suppose to be at least! Sadly, with the […]

Warm Up Worries

Its been over 3 years since I started my fitness brand, Fitness with Maria, and I couldn’t be happier with the progress so far.  Part of my mission to conquer the fitness industry is to do it the RIGHT way. I do not believe in using fitness as a way to take vulnerable people looking to […]

Prevent Injury with The Maria Method

 The Maria Method Exercise Safe, Burn Calores, Feel Good Warm Up, Workout, Wind Down Warm Up 10-15 minute dynamic stretching flow with introduction to workout orientation Purpose: Prevent injury, warm up safely with dynamic stretches, learn correct form techniques to prepare for a successful workout, learn breathing/postural techniques, and increase heart rate/circulation to prepare the […]

The Home Fitness Trend

The Home Fitness Trend Coming from a cheerleading, dance, and group fitness background, I became very dependent on working out with other people. I’ve never been that girl in the gym with headphones isolated in leg press land — but mad respect to that chick because working out alone is WAY HARDER then together. When I started teaching […]