About Dr P

Maria Pontillo is a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy, certified Group Fitness Instructor, and Yoga Teacher in South Florida. With a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Florida International University (FIU), a B.S. in Health Science from Florida State University (FSU), and multiple fitness and physical therapy certifications, Maria Pontillo has dedicated all of her life to fitness and health.

Dr P specializes in concierge one-on-one Physical Therapy with a fusion of Fitness/Personal Training. With treating a wide range of orthopedic, sport, or exercise-related injuries, Dr P is passionate to helping anyone suffering with pain or dysfunction get back to living a quality pain free life. Maria’s treatment programs revolve around movement and posture correction, mobility & strength training, workplace ergonomic adjustments, gait assessment with footwear analysis, and multiple manual methods including deep tissue massage, graston, cupping, and more. With nearly 20 years of expertise in the fitness world, Maria is a triple threat when it comes to transforming the health of her clients and patients. In addition, Maria works part-time for Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Yoldas at Orthopedic Specialty Institute in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with specialties in post-operative shoulder and knee rehabilitation programs. Dr. P maintains a specialty certifications in Selective Functional Movement Assessment, Graston Technique, and RockTape Method.

Dr. Pontillo has revolutionized the virtual fitness trend with her innovative STUDIO1 Fitness App. Maria’s motivation behind designing her very own app was to teach the world safe exercise programming to EXERCISE RIGHT EXERCISE FOR LIFE. Teaching 10 to 15 group fitness classes per week has empowered Maria to have a genuine impact on the South Florida community. Maria is the top director for Nova Southeastern University Group Fitness Program where she coordinates various fitness programs to help thousands of members and students accomplish their fitness goals.

Maria remains active in her local community by participating in local 5K charity runs and obstacle races in addition to volunteering at various charity workout events, and attending continuing education courses at national fitness conventions. After a vigorous 12 hour day, Maria is proud to…


In The Press

“My ultimate goal is to share my passion for fitness with the world”
– Maria Pontillo, DPT

Maria Pontillo was selected as 1 of 5 women for the Future of Fitness in the 2017 July issue of Oxygen Magazine.



Maria Pontillo’s Virtual Personal Training Program was featured on the front cover of the Lifestyle Section in the Sun Sentinel as well as online at SunSentinel.com.



Maria Pontillo was selected among 3,500 personal fitness candidates by Fitness Magazine to be featured in their November 2011 digital and print edition as a Face of FITNESS Finalist due to her superior background in fitness, health and training.



Maria Pontillo is featured in Nova Southeastern University’s Wellness Made Simple Magazine.



Maria Pontillo, DPT, partnered with co-author Jack Zatorski, MPT in this Advance Magazine article titled “Burn Machine: A New Tool for the Physical Therapist.”

Maria Pontillo sat down with Better TV to discuss her feature in Fitness Magazine in 2011.