5 Tips to COVID Recovery

fitness with maria

Well, its been over 1 year since the pandemic hit and Coronavirus got me! My husband contracted it first from one of his patients at work and since we do everything as a team, he decided to pass it on to me. We had plans to go to Islamorada this past weekend and in the blink of an eye – everything was CANCELED. Bummer!! Thankfully we both had mild cases and we will be back in the grind in no time. Recovering this week got me thinking about long-term health habits. I firmly believe that my consistent good health habits with my nutrition, sleep, and exercise are helping me bounce back fast! It’s important for us to remember that working on our health is not a temporary thing in our lives. Just like we have to always brush our teeth every day we have to always practice healthy habits so that our bodies are strong and resilient for times like this! Here are some tips that are helping me recover from this stubborn virus!!

1) GO TO BED – I made it a point to sleep sleep sleep whenever I felt tired and went to be by 10pm every night!
2) EAT – Luckily, hunger was not an issue and I still had an appetite. Once I lost taste/smell, I got a little down in the dumps and lost motivation to ‘eat’ but I remembered that FOOD IS FEUL and made a point to eat – veggie juice, homemade smoothies, yogurt, pasta, and tuna were my go tos!
3) MOVE – Having 3 doggies helped me get my butt up and walk 2-3x per day & this helped SO MUCH!
4) VITAMIN D – I am such a Florida girl and love the SUN! Laying out 10-20 minutes 2-3x per day to SOAK and SWEAT really helped me feel energized!
5) SUPPLEMENT – Zinc Zinc Zinc!! Elderberry syrup and lozenges & lots of tea!