Shape Up for Spring

Its LOVE month, Spring season is almost here, and Im feeling the love vibes to help you Shape Up for Spring! If you are seeking an affordable and convenient way to get fit for the Spring season, join my 4-week Spring Break Online Fitness Challenge!

Sign up  by February 14th for 50% off! Thats $50 in SAVINGS on these services:

  • Access to unlimited pre-recorded HIIT workouts
  • Access to LIVE online workouts via Google Hangouts
  • Access to Additional Written Workouts personalized for YOUR GOALS!
  • Daily & Weekly Fitness and Yoga Challenges
  • Access to ME for questions and coaching

Now that the internet is becoming our main resource to date, shop, network and learn, doesn’t it only make sense that we should use it to get in better shape too?! Just about everything we do in our day-to-day lives has a technological component, and this fast paced world has only limited our personal time to dedicate hours commuting to and from the gym in addition to working out. One of the greatest aspects of my 4-week program is that you are actually getting a two-for-one deal because I am a physical therapist and a fitness trainer. I am not a fan of the 21 day quick fixes, the inconsistent exercise routines, yo-yo dieting, carb depleting, shake-only diets, or promotion of unrealistic weight loss programs. My goals of my fitness challenges are to help you move in a direction towards a healthy lifestyle. Let this program be a kick-start towards a more HEALTHIER YOU!