“My happiness lies in seeing my clients and patients reach their health and fitness goals”
– Maria Pontillo, DPT

“Every week, I make it to Maria’s Circuit Blast class. It works so many muscles in my body that I didn’t even realize I had.”
– Samantha Savory, student at NSU

“Maria Pontillo is extremely professional in every way, but more importantly, her expertise in physical therapy has helped me tremendously.”
– Fred Larson, patient Donner Physical Therapy and Sports Rehab

“Maria embodies every facet of what a passionate trainer should be. Regardless of your fitness level, shortly after working with her, you will see improvements in both your physical and mental strength. Her amazing music mixes and motivational support combined with innovative workouts will leave you feeling triumphant.”
– Melisa Coker, student at NSU

“I always look forward to Maria’s Sweaty Sunday Fundays! It’s a great way to start my Sunday and get an intense total body workout!”
– Shayleen Francis, student, Broward College

“I look forward to physical therapy sessions with Maria, she makes it fun while getting the job done!”
– Joy Taylor, patient XL Physical Therapy and Sports Rehab

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