Shape Up for Spring

Its LOVE month, Spring season is almost here, and Im feeling the love vibes to help you Shape Up for Spring! If you are seeking an affordable and convenient way to get fit for the Spring season, join my 4-week Spring Break Online Fitness Challenge! Sign up  by February 14th for 50% off! Thats $50 in SAVINGS on […]

Maria Pontillo, DPT Presents The Summer Slim Down Personal Training Program

Do you want to drop a few pounds for the summer and tone up in time for bikini season? I am excited to announce a NEW virtual training program that I am hosting starting the first week of July. If you live in South Florida or on the other side of the world, you can […]

There is No Such Thing As Spot training!

Summer is right around the corner and many of you are staring in the mirror unsatisfied by your love handles, chubby arms or pudgy stomach. You may ask yourself, “how do I get rid of that fat in this one specific area of my body?!” Do you want the good or bad news first? Bad […]