A Need For Better Fitness Industry Standards

Human beings have pursued fitness since their primitive nomadic days when they went on hikes and hunting trips to gather food and water for their families and tribes. Fast forward to 2014 and the way humans pursue fitness has evolved drastically. The evolution of what is now the fitness and health industry has become a multi-billion […]

7 Reasons Why You Need a Workout Buddy

As the holidays quickly approach, Americans across the country may be finding themselves in a time crunch. When people have more holiday activities and less free time, the first thing that usually gets cut out of a person’s schedule is exercise time. It’s unfortunate, but true for many. To combat this holiday epidemic, I have […]

Cross Training Principles: Rowing 101 With Maria Pontillo, DPT

As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, an important aspect of my job is to promote wellness and injury prevention. In just one day on the job, I have the opportunity to work with a vast group of individuals. For example, within the last month I worked with a professional athlete, a 16-year-old lacrosse player and […]

Common Mistakes Runner’s Make & How To Avoid Them

On June, 29th 2013, I am bringing a group of South Florida runners together to partake in the Neon Vibe 5K in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. In an effort to help my 5K team and other running enthusiasts perform well during their running events, I have compiled a list of common runner’s mistakes to avoid as […]

Joy Taylor’s Recovery from ACL Surgery: A Personalized Approach with Maria Pontillo, DPT

It’s common to hear on ESPN about athletes like Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls tearing their anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), debilitating them from playing the remainder of the NBA season. The ACL tears more often than any other ligament, with nearly 200,000 ACL injuries per year in the United States. As a licensed physical […]

Graston Technique 101 with Maria Pontillo

Whether you are chronic sports junky, crossfit participant, recreational or professional athlete, dancer, or even an extreme runner, it is important to understand that physical activity does increase the risk of injury. Regardless of your preference of physical activity, it is even more important to always practice exercise safety techniques and always provide care and […]

Knee Injury Prevention Tips

A great way to follow tip number four, or strengthen your lower body, is to do functional squats. Remember these three simple tips when squatting: knees should be behind your toes, torso must remain up right and all of your body weight should shift to the rear heel upon descending into squat position. ________________________________________________________________________ One […]