Knee Injury Prevention Tips


A great way to follow tip number four, or strengthen your lower body, is to do functional squats. Remember these three simple tips when squatting: knees should be behind your toes, torso must remain up right and all of your body weight should shift to the rear heel upon descending into squat position.


One of the most common physical injuries that people experience is knee injuries. The most common knee injuries that I see as a physical therapist are the Patello-Femoral Pain Syndrome (PFPS), commonly referred to as “runner’s knee,” and Lliotibial Band Syndrome. Some people are naive and think that serious knee injury can’t happen to them, but it is important to understand that your risk of injury is higher the older you get, the more activity you partake in and the higher the level of intensity of activity.

Knee injuries can be extremely debilitating preventing individuals from not only running but also simple activities of daily living such as walking stairs and bending down.  As a physical therapist, I encourage my patients and group fitness class members to practice simple methods that will prevent them from experiencing painful knee injuries. Consider these 5 straightforward tips in an effort to prevent knee injury during your future workout sessions!

  1. Replace old shoes every 300-400 miles or about every three to six months, regardless and try not to use your running shoes as your everyday shoes. We walk differently than we run.
  2. Stretch daily with extra focus on your hamstrings, calves, hip flexors and lower back.
  3. Incorporate non-impact cardiovascular activities into your weekly training regimen.
  4. Strengthen you thigh, hamstring and calve muscles to improve stability during cardiovascular demands.
  5. Ice joints ten to 15 minutes when experiencing pain – this will reduce and prevent inflammation.

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