Prevent Injury with The Maria Method

 The Maria Method

Exercise Safe, Burn Calores, Feel Good

Warm Up, Workout, Wind Down

Warm Up

10-15 minute dynamic stretching flow with introduction to workout orientation

  • Purpose: Prevent injury, warm up safely with dynamic stretches, learn correct form techniques to prepare for a successful workout, learn breathing/postural techniques, and increase heart rate/circulation to prepare the muscles/joints.


  • Three of Maria’s favorite dynamic warm up stretches:
      • Hamstring Sweeps for prevention of posterior hip and lower back injuries
      • Lunge with a Twist for prevention of anterior hip and knee injuries
      • Cat Cow & Thread the Needle to warm up the lumbar/thoracic movement patterns for prevention of spinal injuries


  • 20-30 minute Totally Body High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout safely designed to target multi-directional planes of the body with variations and modifications for ANY fitness level.
  • Workouts can be done ANYWHERE with minimal equipment & body weight focus
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Repeat 3 Rounds of each exercise 30 Seconds:15 Seconds


Squat with Leg Lift/Lateral Raise

Bottom Burpee to Push Up

Russian Twists

Travel Side Planks


Plank Tick Tocks

Lunge to Overhead Press

Knees to Elbows

Banded Bridges


Wind Down

  • Cool down with therapeutic stretches and relaxing yoga flow to decrease heart rate, and prevent muscle spasms and joint injuries.
  • 3 of Maria’s favorite stretches/yoga poses
    • Childspose into downward dog to promote spinal decompression and decrease lower back tension
    • Pigeon pose to relieve hip/glute tension/tightness
    • Shoulder stretch to open chest and shoulder complex with a forward fold to deepen the stretch with the assistance of gravitational force