Rosy Ugalde

I’ve struggled with my weight since I can remember, and I have tried many things, given up many times, which most can relate to. A year ago this week, having returned from a cruise, I decided I was ready to win this battle! I started to eat healthy and exercised on my own. Six months […]

Margarita Seman

Maria’s STUDIO1 app and HIIT/Tabata style training videos are the reason for my newfound love of fitness & exercise. Her videos are exciting and challenging, but also keeping safety in mind. You can really see that she takes dedicated planning and preparation for each of the workouts, tailoring the warm ups towards the workouts. I love […]

Emily Smith

I’ve been using Studio1™ on a consistent basis over the past 10 weeks, and it has given me such CONFIDENCE. I definitely feel like my back is getting stronger and my body is loving the dynamic movement! Really working on correcting this botched tall girl posture and Studio 1 has ALL the exercises I need […]

Rebecca Lodhi

Body By Maria! Check out the first back muscles I’ve ever had! So grateful for Maria and the STUDIO1™ App. Literally life and game changing for this mom of 3 young kiddos. It’s been over a decade since I’ve been able to exercise regularly, and I’ve never been this strong and toned! In 2 short […]

Jackie Cruz

I didn’t know what to expect when I started the 30 Day Challenge with Maria. I was just trying to change up my workout routine a little. It truly was bigger then my expectations. I loved it. It was motivating, exciting, suspenseful, rewarding, challenging and fun. Maria was awesome through it all. 10 out of […]

Sarah King

I am so thankful to the 30 day summer challenge, giving me the motivation I needed to start getting back into shape. Kept exercise part of my life everyday. I can’t wait for the next challenge to begin!! #exerciserightexerciseforlife

Edwin Tolon

    Since I’ve been a STUDIO1 subscriber, my fitness and yoga has been the best ever! What you do works!

Sabrina Trammel

“This fitness challenge far exceeded anything I could have ever imagined. Not only was every day a true challenge but Maria made sure that we all exercised safely. She critiqued our form and motivated to “exercise right.” Maria’s dedication to creating fun and interesting challenges as well as her inspiration and motivation is unique and […]

Lauren Dressel, South Florida

“Yoga HIIT is a fantastic combination of strength and stretching. I love how Maria pairs the HIIT exercise movements to a Yoga stretch movement and of course explains the reasoning/benefits for doing so. Totally the best of two worlds, especially for someone like me who is maintaining recovery from an ACL repair. I would highly […]

Leah Rubinstein, South Florida

Maria has changed the way I workout! Everyday is something different so I am never bored! I love that she’s personalized my workouts to my wants/needs, and, also is helping me build my own workouts. She has become a coach, a mentor, a friend, and has inspired me to become a fitness instructor. I’ve learned […]