Does Music Maximize Your Workout?

Common sense tells us that music, more often than not, makes people respond positively. Especially when the music is upbeat, has a high tempo and is loud! Incorporating good music into your workout offers multiple benefits, from physiological to bio-mechanical and neurological. There is a plethora of research available that proves that music improves cardiovascular […]

Physical Therapy Tip of The Week: Use a Foam Roller

As a licensed physical therapist in the state of Florida, I have helped my patients identify and recover from serious physical injuries. Are you an active runner? You could be experiencing or be prone to iliotibial band (ITB) syndrome. This syndrome can be painful but can be treated in minimal recovery time withou a huge financial […]

5 Kick-Ass Reasons Why You Will Love Circuit Blast

Over the past four years, my Circuit Blast class has helped dozens of people reach their fitness goals. Whether you are training for a marathon, want to lose a few pounds or tone up for the Summer, Circuit Blast burns plenty of calories and offers a high-energy environment! For those of you who are tired […]