Fit Tuesday’s with FitnesswithMaria: The T-Raise

Whats up fit friends!! Sadly, I’ve been neglecting my blog posts with my crazy busy schedule so I’ve made a personal goal that every TUESDAY I will present “Fit Tuesday’s with FitnesswithMaria,” and I will offer you a free Workout Tip from my online Virtual Workouts and my MeltDown and MuscleUp Recorded Virtual Workouts. Feel free to comment with any fitness related questions and Ill get back to ya within 24 hours 🙂
This morning’s Virtual Workout – “2 sets of 12 Minutes” was super HOT and SWEATY! These virtual workouts are NO JOKE. Only 24 Minutes and we burned over 400 calories!! Today’s focus was on strength-endurance. Increased duration (verses the shorter time-based intervals in typical HIIT formats) for a steady 12 minutes for 2 sets. We did 5 exercises and repeated them for 5 reps until 12 minutes was up. Seems easy until 3 minutes later and your DRENCHED! My favorite exercise was the T-Raise!
This is a combo of a front raise (left corner picture) and a lateral raise (right picture) with a focus on keeping a neutral spine.  Holding a “neutral spine” is turning on all your core muscles to keep you stable and strong.  It’s not as easy as it sounds. Try stacking your rib cage on top of your hips/pelvis while slightly activating your glutes and then performing the T-Raise. Check out my Instagram @fitnesswithmaria or my Facebook Fitness With Maria for the short video clip demo. These are by far my favorite shoulder and best of all – AB burners!! I’d choose these over crunches any day!
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Benefits of Joining Today!

  • PREVENT INJURY: Each workout is strategically designed to be safe and effective with goals to maximize caloric expenditure, melt off fat, build muscle, and most importantly, prevent injury!
  • CONVENIENCE: No time to drive to gym or no clue what to do when you get there? Maria’s workouts can be done ANYWHERE at ANYTIME! Minimal equipment required: 2 sets of weights, resistance bands, and stability ball
  • COST EFFICIENT: Each workout is less than  $4.00 per workout (thats cheaper than your coffee from Starbucks), compared to a minimum of $15 at most gyms or $50 for a personal trainer.
  • ALL FITNESS LEVELS WELCOME:As a Doctor of Physical Therapy Maria provides modifications, regressions, and progressions included in ALL exercise choices.
2 video Trial Packages and 12 Week Memberships available! 1st LIVE workout ALWAYS FREE!
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Thanks for playing fit friends! See ya next Tuesday.