Maria Pontillo, DPT Explores How The Virtual Workout Experience Will Put You in the Best Shape of Your Life in 2014

maria pontillo virtual workouts fitness 2014

With over ten years of experience with group fitness teaching and personal training, I am excited to introduce a unique personal training experience to people across the globe regardless of their geographical location! In early 2013, I began brainstorming how I could  reach more people, regardless of where they live, and help them achieve their fitness goals. This lead me to create a unique workout method that offers a technologically advanced twist to traditional personal training; a workout method that I refer to as virtual workouts. Although some people may be intimidated by technology and fitness, participating in my virtual workouts is easy!

With the decline in workout DVD’s combined the popularity of YouTube and the saturation of pricey personal trainers, working out via live video streaming technology seemed like a no brainer to me! Over the past year, I have had the opportunity to log on and workout with clients in the comfort of their own homes via a free video streaming application while providing them with a 45-minute total-body, high-intensity workout, several times per week. Social media and access to the Internet has rapidly changed the way we live and connect with people; this is even true within the fitness arena. As technology continues to revolutionize the way we work and socialize, it only makes sense that it also helps people across the world become healthier, more fit and better educated.

With a Doctorate in Physical Therapy and several certifications in personal training and group fitness instructing, I have been through the New Year’s Resolutions phase many times! Every January I see dozens of new files show up at the gym or attend my fitness classes. Unfortunately, the crowd usually diminishes by the end of February. What is the reason that people lose track of their fitness goals after only a month or two? Could it be that aren’t seeing the results they want? Many of them do not get into a set routine or don’t have a coach or trainer encouraging them. The reason may vary per person, but one thing is for sure — my virtual workout program has allowed my clients to eliminate excuses and  “roadblocks” and achieve real fitness results.

In honor of the new year, I am currently hosting open enrollment for my New Year 2014 Virtual Workout Program. I want to help people create realistic fitness and health goals that they can achieve and most importantly, maintain.

There are several important factors that are needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The first would be to have a coach or trainer that you trust and believe in. So many people call themselves personal trainers or fitness instructors these days, but it’s important to choose a fitness professional that has authentic credentials, credible experience and provides constant positive motivation.

Although virtual workouts are a new concept that’s slowly changing the way people receive personal training, it is the most efficient (for both your time and your wallet) way to reach your fitness goals! If you are interested in my 2014 New Year Virtual Workout Program, but still unsure about all of the benefits that such a fitness plan could offer, check out these 8 tips for reasons to join!

1. Eliminate travel time — When you have the luxury of working out in the comfort of your living room, you will find yourself saving significantly on weekly travel costs (i.e. – gas, wear and tear on your car). You will also not have any excuses for “not making it to the gym.” If you live in a big city like Miami, LA or New York, this could save you several hundreds of dollars in a year!

2. Motivational support – One of the greatest benefits of working with a fitness instructor is the motivational support that they provide. Much like your doctor or therapist, you need to be able to trust your fitness instructor. I have worked with hundreds of people in South Florida and across the country who relied on me to help them reach their ultimate fitness goals.

3. Set a routine – This concept is simple, but is one of the key reasons why many people fail to achieve their fitness goals every New Year.  With my virtual workout program, we will design a schedule of two to four classes per week that you will attend with me. Just like getting a new job with unique hours, my program will become a part of your regular routine and will become second nature to you.  Making fitness a part of your lifestyle by creating a set schedule is key to becoming the healthy and fit person you want to be in 2014.

4. Achieve high-intensity interval training – Commonly referred to as HIIT, high-intensity interval training uses alternating bursts of intense exercise combinations to “trick” your body into challenging itself while burning more calories. This workout strategy is also a great way to increase aerobic capacity, which will ultimately strengthen the heart muscles, assist with increasing your metabolism, which will lead to weight loss.

5. Nutritional advice There is so much misinformation out there regarding the best and healthiest eating alternatives. With the help of a dietician colleague of mine, as a part of my virtual workout program, I offer weekly nutritional consultations to discuss each client’s food journal, what foods to stay away from and what foods to start incorporating into your diet.

6. Track your progress – Tracking and monitoring my virtual workout clients progress is key to the success of the program. It is also helpful for the psyche to see some sort of change and improvement that provides an added boost of motivation as time goes on. Simply joining a new gym in the New Year will not necessarily enable you to drop those extra pounds and get in the best shape of your life! You need a coach, a schedule, someone to motivate you, guide you and monitor your progress over time. Remember, a goal without a plan is simply a dream. 

7. Become accountable – Anyone that has taken even one of my fitness classes can tell you that I don’t slack off in any facet of my life. I instruct between three and five fitness classes per day and every single one of them are just as intense and fulfilling as the next. I don’t know how to give anything less than 100% and I make sure to instill that same value in my fitness client’s attitude when it comes to their fitness goals.

8. Maximize your workout & minimize your time – Many people spend hours in the gym and see little results. It’s important for anyone reading this blog post to understand that just because you are walking on that treadmill for 60 minutes does not mean you are really challenging yourself or reaching your maximum heart-rate. With my 45-minute virtual workouts, you can literally roll out of bed, turn on your computer or Smartphone, and complete an intense, calorie-torching workout before 8AM!

Now that you are more familiar with the benefits that my virtual workouts offer, let’s connect! Whether you have additional questions or are positive that you want to sign up and get in the best shape of your life in 2014, email me and let’s get started: [email protected]. In addition, make sure to check out my website and follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for daily fitness tips and motivation!