Fitness First With The Fifty Fit Formula


Short on time and money but know you need to make some serious health changes? Have you reached a plateau and not feeling challenged by your workout routines anymore? No problem, I can help you! Try spicing up your workout regimen with my customized Fifty Fit Formula.  Not only does this intense total-body workout routine require no travel time to a gym facility and little exercise equipment, but it also encompasses a unique time-driven formula that makes it SELF MOTIVATING! This time-based workout is designed to help you strive for self-improvement, making it rewarding and exciting to perform.  By completing this routine at least once a week with a recorded time log, your goal should be to not only complete each exercise safely and efficiently, but to also beat your completion time from the previous week. Have you ever heard that the only person you should ever compete with is the person in the mirror? Well, here’s your chance!

If you are tired of wasting an hour on the elliptical machine at the gym or don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars participating at a local private studio workout facility, the Fifty Fit Formula is a great option for you! It is an exercise routine composed of 10 functionally intense, total-body exercises that will maximize calories burned and provide visible RESULTS! After performing this routine at least once a week combined with strength & cardiovascular exercise routines over the course of 5 weeks, you will notice several physical and physiological benefits including, increased endurance and stamina, higher energy levels and an improved aesthetic appearance. This workout routine offers a taste of what you can expect when you sign up for my Virtual Personal Fitness Training Sessions. Currently, I am offering a BOGO deal: Buy One Session, Get One FREE! Each session is $15, but of course you will score 2 sessions for $15 when you email me to learn more details & sign up! Simply visit my website and fill out the form here to inquire further. Make sure to mention that you read about the BOGO deal in this blog post.


1. Complete 50 efficient and safe reps of each exercise listed below. Take as much rest as you need in between each set and split up the reps however you want (i.e. 5 sets of 10, 2 sets of 25, or 50 straight through).

2. Complete 5 BONUS BURPEES at the end of EACH SET to add additional intensity and maximize calories burned.  You can always save the 50 bonus burps for the end. Choose the option that challenges you most!

3. Clock the time it takes you to complete all 10 exercise routines from beginning to end and create a workout journal with notes.

4. Do this workout AT LEAST once a week for 5 consecutive weeks to see the best results.

5. Incorporate cardiovascular & strength exercises into your weekly workout regimen at least three times a week to maximize results.

6. Remember the 80/20 rule: You health and physical appearance is a result of 80 percent of the food you eat and 20 percent of the exercises that you do. So remember to stick to a lean and healthy diet. For food guidance and tips, email me at [email protected] for a few important expert tips!

Here is a quick YouTube video of myself providing proper examples of each of these 10 exercises! Good luck and remember, if it’s burning, it’s working!

  • 50 Squat to Presses
  • 50 Lunge to Pull Aparts  (50 each leg)
  • 50 RDLS (50 each leg)
  • 50 Leaps
  • 50 Band WalkOuts (50 each leg)
  • 50 Side Leg with Lateral Raises (25 each leg)
  • 50 Stability Ball Crunches
  • 50 Stability Ball Bridges
  • 50 Jumping Jack with forward Press
  • 50 Rows with Band
  • BONUS: 5 sets of burpees after Each exercise set or 50 burpees at the end of this routine!

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