Maria Pontillo, DPT Offers Virtual Personal Training Sessions


We all have busy work schedules and combined with personal responsibilities, more than likely, fitness priorities get left out. Many of my physical therapy patients and group fitness class members are limited with time constraints when it comes to maintaining a consistent workout regime. Whether it’s stressful rush hour traffic, parental responsibilities, or overtime hours at work, I can understand how difficult it can be to find enough time in the day to accomplish all of your priorities. There is one great quote that I love to recite now and then: “We make time for what’s important — and make excuses for everything else.” After receiving numerous comments from my fellow workout participants, I decided to try to offer a resolution. With the entire world (including your grandma) connected to each other through the convenience of the Internet, I thought why not workout virtually!? In designing customized virtual training sessions, my goals were to make working out convenient, affordable and efficient. When considering which video streaming platform to use, I definitely considered the “internet novices,” and trust me, it doesn’t take a tech genius to participate. With the help of Google Plus Hangouts and a smartphone, computer or tablet combined with a few pieces of exercise equipment, I can virtually come into your home and personally train you with a unique and challenging workout routine! Still unsure about this new innovative workout method? Learn more details by checking out the 4 benefits below!

1. Cost Effective – Everyone wants to get in shape without breaking the bank. Not only do my virtual personal fitness classes eliminate the time and resources required to drive to and from the gym every day, they are also affordable. I can understand financial constraints may make you hesitate and that is why I am offering a BOGO deal for the month of July – buy one virtual personal training class session and you’ll get one free! Simply email me your budget and state that you read this blog post to take advantage of this special!

2. Results-Driven – When starting a workout regime, the first step you should take is to set realistic goals! Each workout should be purposeful and results driven. Unfortunately, without the help of an educated and qualified fitness professional, many of us lack the ability to design safe and individualized workout programs targeted towards each individuals personal fitness goals. My virtual workout sessions are structured and planned to help you meet your fitness goals by challenging you to push past your comfort level. Over the course of several weeks, there is no doubt that you will start to see a physical change and improvement in your appearance. In addition to personal training, I also offer lifestyle coaching where I offer weekly consultations that will analyze and improve each client’s diet, food journal and physical activity level. With the help of my expertise and key tactics, I can help you see real results from start to finish.

3. Convenient – Sadly, many of my loyal group fitness participants have moved away to the other side of the United States. I often get tweets, Facebook comments and Instagram messages from them wishing they could join me for a workout again – well, now that is possible! Regardless of where you live, if you have an Internet connection and a computer/tablet, you can join me for another epic workout and benefit from my virtual personal training classes! You can literally roll out of bed in the morning and turn on your computer and allow me to enter your home a few times a week for an intense total-body workout session! Not to mention, you don’t have to account 20 minutes driving time to and from a workout facility!

4. Efficient – A truly efficient workout will offer both cardiovascular, strength and flexibility benefits. With over 10 years of experience in personal training and teaching group fitness classes as well as holding a Doctorate in Physical Therapy, I have designed my virtual personal training sessions to challenge each fitness component in a balanced and structured format. Each workout is designed to challenge the cardiovascular system with an emphasis on functional total-body conditioning and flexibility training.

If you really want to make a serious personal fitness change, I encourage you to email me to learn more details and pricing about my virtual personal training classes. For each personal fitness client, I am dedicated to offering the best that I can. Whether you need fitness and motivational support or want to sign up for continuous virtual personal training program, email me today & let’s get started on helping you reach your fitness goals: [email protected].

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