K-Tape Trend: Maria Pontillo, DPT Explores the Benefits of New Innovative Treatment

Check out this YouTube video of myself and my colleague, AJ Patrick, Doctor of Physical Therapy, demonstrating a popular Kinesio Tape technique that I have personally used as treatment for ITB Syndrome and Quadriceps Tendonitis.

As a Doctor of Physical Therapy in the state of Florida, I have seen a spike in the use of the Kinesio Tape treatment among my South Florida physical therapy patients over the past six months. Also referred to as K-Tape, this new injury treatment is a great alternative for patients who want to avoid pain medications and remain active during an injury. This treatment has become popular because it augments tissue function, improves mobility, and distributes weight away from the inflamed or damaged muscle or tendon.

The K-Tape technique uses a uniquely designed flexible tape that comfortably fits to an individual’s musculature shape. Made of 100% cotton sheath, this covering is designed to provide full range of motion, stability and increased strength on the injured joint, muscle or ligament. What makes K-Tape innovative and extremely useful to injured patients is its elasticity – it offers 140% elasticity, the same amount of elasticity as the human skin. After seeing the increased usage of K-Tape among my colleagues, I received my certification in Kinesiology Taping and Movement Strategies. When applied properly along the muscles, ligaments or tendons (soft tissue), K-Tape can provide external support and allow patients to perform their everyday physical activities while increasing the speed of recovery. Depending on how K-Tape is applied, it can support, enable or restrict soft tissue and movement, which is why it is so important to receive this treatment from a certified professional.

K-Tape is most commonly used to treat athletes with sports related injuries such as Iliotibial band syndrome (ITBS), runner’s knee, shin splints and hamstring strains. In fact, K-Tape can even be used for something simple like a headache. Many of my patients are professional athletes, wrestlers, marathon runners, and cyclists, whose number one priority is to compete at a high intensity level despite an injury. Whether you are a professional athlete or need a treatment method that will allow you to simply go to work and perform regular daily functions like walking, K-Tape is an exceptional method used by licensed physical therapists nationwide. One of the primary reasons this technology is becoming so popular is because it can be used for various types of physical injuries.

While K-Tape is becoming one of my top treatment methods at the physical therapy clinics that I work at, it is important to consult a licensed physical therapist to determine if it is the best treatment method for you. Each physical injury is unique and requires a consultation and evaluation from a licensed physical therapist. K-Tape can accelerate the rehabilitation process when combined with a comprehensive physical therapy treatment program. If you live in the South Florida area and are looking for a licensed physical therapist, feel free to email me at [email protected] to set up a physical therapy consultation. Visit my website for more details regarding my physical therapy services and make sure to like my official Facebook Fan page for more physical therapy advice and tips.