Episode 3: Working Out On Vacation

Hey what’s going on? Maria Pontillo here, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Yoga Teacher, Fitness Trainer, owner and founder of Studio1 fitness app. I’m here in my fitness studio ready to chat it up with you for the next five minutes. Today’s topic I want to talk about is working out when you’re on vacation.


I just got back from visiting my sister from Virginia/DC area and I tend to go visit every 6-8 weeks because I have little nephews and it’s nice to get away and break up the monotony, but I also go to get my hair done! So check it out! If anyone is in the DC area and wants to get your hair done contact me and I will send you information on Hair by Gina .


I wanted to make a point to say when you go away on vacation, working out tends to be something that can be put aside as you think you’re on vacation, or on a break and this is kind of something you can do if you have time. Remember, when we workout or have our busy life, most of the issue is that you don’t have the time. So then you go on vacation and it’s as if all you have is time. So it basically becomes a choice, oh well I don’t have access to a gym or equipment or space but to me it’s a big excuse. Working out when you’re away on vacation is so important because when you’re on vacation you tend to sleep more and have more energy. Sleeping is key, so if you’re not getting enough sleep, forget your workouts being successful. When you’re on vacation you’re rested so that’s a great time to add in a workout as you’re going to have a lot more energy and you’ll feel good doing it. The second reason it’s good to work out on vacation is because you’re probably eating and drinking more, whether it’s alcohol or not you’re going to incorporate more calories on vacation, it’s just part of it. You’re not home, you’re not in your kitchen or around your fridge. It’s obvious you are going to eat more and have more calories so just adding in a 30minute calorie burn is going to be better off than not doing it at all. I always make it a point to schedule a session in your vacation to at least burn some calories. That doesn’t mean you have to have a gym b8ut if you can take a walk or have access to a pool to swim. This isn’t lounge at the pool chill time, that can come after your caloric burn. You want to feel your heartrate up, get a little bit winded (or get a lot winded!) that’s the idea. It’s cool to be recreational and be in the pool or just going on a casual walk but the goal is to challenge yourself and exit your comfort zone a little bit, so you have your caloric burn and boost your metabolism. That way when you eat those calories and drink more you’re ahead of the game. You will feel more energy and feel a lot more active and energized on vacation/


Sp that leaves me to telling you that’s why utilizing online fitness apps like Studio1 will help you on vacation so you just bring It on vacation so you can just open It up, swipe around and pick takes you 10 seconds to pick what you want. So you’re logging in not sure what to do and realize you don’t have any equipment, so you scroll through and choose something like yoga. Boom! Tons of yoga classes to pick from select and go!


You just need no excuses. Studio1 Check us out at the app store and visit my website, mariapontillo.com!