Episode 2: Studio1 Fitness


Hey guys what’s up, welcome to 5 minutes with Maria! I’m Maria Pontillo, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Yoga Teacher, Fitness Instructor that has designed a fitness platform called Studio1.


What is Studio1?

Studio1 is an online fitness platform that has been developed over the course of about 7 years. It started in my patio gym in my first home, and it was me and two other people online on Google Hangouts and it grew into an online platform that you can now access through your App Store.


Who is Studio1 For?

Studio1 is for anybody. Anyone who wants to work out and get in shape or who has injuries who’s looking to work out and get in shape, anyone who’s a fitness guru working out to get in shape, the list goes on. There is no one general population as these workouts are designed for everyone.


What if I’ve never worked out before?

If you’ve never worked out there is an orientation album of videos that you can watch that are instructed all by me with specific exercises/foundational movements that you will see in the workouts that you can learn how to do correctly and you can watch until you’re actually ready to master the classes in the app.


What classes are on the Studio1 App?

Studio1 has a variety of classes. You can take the warm-up videos which are just videos that prepare you for the actual workouts itself – which can sometimes just be an actual workout – You can take a workout classes which range from hundreds of classes from total body workout, body and band workout, yoga HIIT, yoga, and I do interval formats like Tabata training, HIIT training, and the list goes on and on


What equipment do I need?

I offer classes you can do with or without equipment, so for instance, the body and bands you will just use your body. I do sell my resistance bands which I use in a majority of my classes and warm-ups so that would be the only equipment needed, but I always suggest when you’re first starting off or getting back into it you don’t need to worry about that yet. You need to worry about your form and master your movements before any of that comes into play.


How do I download and how much is it?

Studio1 is $12.99 a month, or $129 for the year. And you can find it right in your App Store. Just search Studio1 By Fitness with Maria and you can download it right to your phone or iPad. It’s 7 days free so right when you download it you have access for 7 days unlimited access to all the classes on the app, and if you are enjoying it and want to keep it we will automatically charge you and you’re in!


That’s a little bit about Studio1. I am always available to chat more and see me on my website at mariapontillo.com. Thanks for watching!