Try Maria’s newest format!

Yoga HIIT feels so good! A class designed with The Maria Method with a specific focus on cardio and bodyweight only exercises fused with Yoga postures and therapeutic stretches. Stretches are held for a longer duration for a satisfying sweat! A convenient 60 minute Workout + Yoga fusion when pressed for time!

Lets Sweat-n-Stretch!


Yoga HIIT, Series 1:

For $19.99 for 3 videos for 30 days 

Yoga HIIT, Series 2:

For $19.99 for 3 videos for 30 days

Yoga HIIT, Series 3:

For $19.99 for 3 videos for 30 days

Yoga HIIT, Series 4:

For $19.99 for 3 videos for 30 days

The MariaMethod came to fruition during the evolution of Maria’s online workout program designs. The common challenge to staying accountable to a workout routine is connected to our value of time and convenience. Virtual Fitness is unique because you can bring your workout to YOU leaving less excuses to ‘not go’ to the gym. With Maria’s Doctorate in Physical Therapy and Group Fitness Teaching experience, the safe and effective workout designs stand out amongst any competitors.