"My happiness lies in seeing my clients and patients reach their fitness goals"


"It's more than just a workout, its an experience!"


"If its burning, its working"


"What you put in, is what you get back"


"Join me outside the comfort zone"


"Test your limits, break your barriers, learn your weaknesses, and move on…."

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  • 11APR


    The Home Fitness Trend

    The Home Fitness Trend Coming from a cheerleading, dance, and group fitness background, I became very dependent on working out with other people. I’ve never been that girl in the gym with headphones isolated in leg press land — but mad respect to that chick because working out alone is WAY HARDER then together. When I started teaching

  • 02APR


    6 Ways to Prevent Injury with #TheMariaMethod

    The Maria Method Warm Up, Workout, Wind Down Exercise Safe, Burn Calores, Feel Good Warm Up 10-15 Minute dynamic stretching flow with introduction to workout orientation Purpose: Prevent injury, warm up safely with dynamic stretches, learn correct form techniques to prepare for a successful workout, learn breathing/postural techniques, and increase heart rate/circulation to prepare the